Dutch course for beginners A1-A2

The Basic course is meant for those who don't speak any Dutch. In a short time you learn to speak Dutch in a practical and nice way, with games and musical exercises. You will learn the basic grammar and build up your vocabulary. But you will also learn the daily language and frequently used expressions that u can put into practice directly! Next to this, Joost Weet Het! uses many practices that stimulate 'small talk'. Because also outside the classroom you should dare to speak Dutch! In this way you get familiar with Dutch language in an enjoyable way.
When you finished this course you can speak Dutch on a basic level. What do you learn?

Listening: You can understand familiar words and basic sentences, when people speak slowly.

Speaking: You are able to participate in easy conversations, when people speak slowly and clearly.

Reading: You can read simple names and phrases, for example on posters and in a catalogue.

Writing: You can write simple notes or a personal letter of thanks.

Course program

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