Dutch in three months;

For those who really want it or those who really need it.

Joost Weet Het! also offers a three month Dutch course comprising four hours of lessons daily over a twelve week period. The course is suitable for everyone and especially practical for anyone who would like to achieve a competent and spontaneous command of the Dutch language.

Typically, after a month or two most visitors to The NL reach a crucial stage in their language development, "I can order a beer in Dutch ...but I can't engage in a conversation with a Dutch person on other subjects" we hear it a lot which is why we have geared these courses to 'spontaneity' in conversation. Students will have the opportunity to discourse on a wide variety of subjects ranging from fashion tips to saving the environment.

Colloquialisms. The Word on The Street

We place great emphasis on familiarising students with expressions that have obscure literal translations but are in common use. Not just quaint colloquialisms such as "Looking for nails at low water" which, charming as they may be, are hardly ever used. Rather we familiarise students with commonly used and more practical phrases they are likely to hear and use everyday.

A lot of conversation. Between students as well

"I would like to exchange this jacket - That jacket, you must be joking!"

This is the way ánd the time to Learn...

A key facet of these courses is that students can come from outside the Netherlands and immerse themselves completely in the Dutch language and culture not just the few words they may otherwise exchange with their in-laws or neighbours. In these courses students will develop an automatic understanding and use of the correct grammar. Correct because faults will be gently corrected as they are made allowing students to continue focusing on conversation while learning the correct grammar structure in context of its usage. This is the way to learn - not through dry repetition of the rules of grammar but rather through an instinctive understanding of these rules by their use in conversation!


And after three months nt2 you'll be happy with your fluent Dutch and quite possibly even happier that the course is over...

... Otherwise we will see you next year
You may well have a go at learning Dutch on your own without correction in which case we will see you next year and politely correct the sentence “Morgen ik ga naar school omdat ik wil leren Nederlands” It sounds arrogant but we speak from experience, the mysteries of Dutch word order are a well known stumbling block. After a three month course from Joost Weet Het! you will have a good grounding in the Dutch language, a firm foundation from which to continue should you choose and most gratifyingly - few people will insist on talking English to you when you open a conversation in Dutch....

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Overview 3 Months Intensive Dutch Courses in Amsterdam

Starting dates for 2022:

June 7, October 3.

Duration:   2,3 or 4, 8 or 12 weeks

How long? 4 hours of classes each day, from 10.00h a.m. till 14.00h.
2 hours of extra classes are optional.
When?:     4 times per week: mon, tue, we, thurs
                 5 times a week: mon, tue, we, thurs, fri
If necessary, we split the groups in two levels.     

Price:        € 1870   (12 weeks, 16 hours per week)

- De price for one extra day is € 50 per week.
- Two hours of classes extra is € 25 each day.
  (groups of at least 4 persons)

Course location:

Building "De Boomspijker", Recht Boomsloot 52, 1011 EC Amsterdam (centre of Amsterdam, close to Nieuwmarkt and Central Station)

The next 3 months intensive Dutch courses start on June 7 in Amsterdam!

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