Dutch course for advanced on level B1 in Amsterdam.

Many of our students follow several Dutch courses in order to reach Level B1 and go for the Dutch State Exam nt2-I.                  

You'll be corrected all the time!

This course is especially for those who have more than global knowledge of everyday Dutch. You can express yourself without a lot of problems, but still have problems with the correct grammar and especially, the order of a ordinary phrase! In the B1 course you will learn the automatisms and subtleties of Dutch language. We focus on correct speaking (including common Dutch expressions) and writing.       

If you have reached level A2 and want to get State Exam NT2 I, this is the right course for you. The course covers the sections reading, writing, listening, and speaking of the Common European Framework B1.


Next to the courses we regularly organize activities, so you learn to know our country (and the other students) a little bit better. At joost Weet het! You won’t get bored at all! This year, as an extra, we offer SALSA LESSONS on a regular basis. One of our pupils is a really good salsa-teacher and he will give the lessons. So, improve your Dutch and make new friends while dancing salsa!

The next Dutch course on level B1 starts on April 11 2022 in Amsterdam.

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